Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bought another one

Haven't finished the last one and here I bring home another.
Pictures of where it sat for the last 20 years ...Globetrotter...

1966 Globetrotter

Saturday, March 21, 2009

No time to spare

Been working my butt off on the trailer and don't want to take to much time out to post on the blog so I think for a while at least I will just post a brief description and pictures.

Took off, cleaned and remounted the right tail light, it was leaking. ordered new lens from
Added wiring for smoke, CO and LPG detectors.
Added 12 volt wiring for fridge and hot water heater.
Moved A/C thermostat wiring, thermostat was on side of overhead, now will be mounted on wall.
Finished beefing up the ceiling RH side to hang bunk beds from.
Tore out and painted rear endcap, 5 cans of Krylon Fusion "Dove white"
Recieved some new old stock parts from Barker Mfg in Battle Creek for my Skyliner antenna so I rebuilt that.
Took the shower pan out.
Took off the rear half of belly pan.
Cleaned all the seams I could get to on the interior and caulked them.
Cleaned off all the old exterior caulk on the rear and kitchen window and sealed them with Acryl-R, will go over that with some Vulkem.
Spent all day Friday chaseing down a short in the running lights, found the clearance light in RH tail light was shorted.
Soildered some wires for the tail lights the mice had chewed up.
Moved antenna, radio and 120 volt wiring from behide fridge, the new fridge is taller and covers half the outlet. Not an easy task as I beefed up the ceiling for the bunk beds and that did not leave any room for running wires.

Interior torn out:

Painting the end cap:

NOS Parts from Barker MFG, base plate from"

New base plate is one inch taller than the old one.
I needed to cut the new crank shaft 1" taller than the old one, I messed up and only cut it .100 taller so I machined a new one out of 5/16" drill rod
First pic, old shaft and new one.
Second pic old shaft, new one I cut wrong, new machined one:

All put back together:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just one more rivet

Starting the interior panel removal

Panels coming off

Bought two bunk beds from a 1976 Argosy.

Here I have added 3/16" plate where the bed mounts to the wall, I have read somewhere they are only rated for 150 pound, I am trying to beef it up so an adult can sleep on it.

Panels coming off

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Doing odd jobs

Been tackling miscellaneous jobs again.

I ordered some dump valves and tail light Len's from Vintage trailer supply, the dump valves were $46.99 each and wouldn't you know it the day after I ordered them I went to Richfeild Trailer Supply in Grand Rapids, MI and they have them there for $17.00. I did pick up some parts for my Braund Skyliner antenna for $6.99, don't need them but thought I'd never find them if I did.

Antenna parts:

Could not find the long black ABS WYE for the waste piping to make a new run so I tried to save what I have and it worked very well. I cut off the old valve and then cut slits in the remaining parts about 3/4" apart and drove a small screwdriver in between what remained of the valve and the black pipe. I had to change to cutting the slits 1/4" apart as some of it was difficult to break off and I was worried I would break the black pipe. After I had almost all the old valve chipped out I went around the inside of the pipe with a rotary bur and cleaned it up.

Cutting off old valves.

Read on the web that car modelers were using Easy Off oven cleaner to strip the paint off there ABS plastic models so I tried it on the A/C shroud, took almost all the paint off with hurting the ABS plastic shroud. Also got the A/C unit back form the heating and cooling guys and they said it check out great, cost me $35.00 to have them give it a once over. The compressor what getting rusty so I paint it with some Por-15.

Before and after stripping:

After picture coming

Added a new seal to underside of A/C unit, I used the closed cell foam strip they use when mounting a topper to the bed of a truck.

Before and after:

Making new rubber vibration pads for A/C fan:

Got after some cracks and holes in the bath on the ABS plastic parts, whittled some plastic off parts that would not show and soaked them in MEK for a day to make up a paste and filled in the cracks.

Adding plastic:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Laminating and sanding.

For the past week I finished re-laminating the partition panels, did some more cleaning of interior parts and started sanding the ABS plastic in the bath. The sink, shower base, shower seat and toilet base are all yellow, from years of sun exposure I assume.
I was going to paint all of these parts and sanded a bit on the sink to see how much work the prep was going to be, found that it didn't take much to get past the yellowing.
I think it would take just as much work to prep and paint these parts as it will be to sand a polish, I am going to sand the parts with 320, 800 then 1200 grit and then polish so I don't have to worry about finding the right paint for ABS plastic, also will not have to worry about paint pealing.

Took about 4 hours to get the toilet base to it's present condition with 320 grit wet paper.

Wall panel sanded with 80 grit ready for new laminate:

Toilet base sanded, shower seat shows color before:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Small update

Well it's been a month I suppose I should give an update.
Haven't been doing much but did get a few things done, I have been busy fixing other things around the house and doing a lot of work for other people.
I dropped my camera and broke it so I don't have very many photo's of my work, I did recently buy a new one so have a few pictures of the work I have done.

Took the black tank out so I could get the dump valves and piping out, I had bought some rebuild kits for the dump valves on eBay and rebuilt them but the valve to the black tank still leaks so I will buy new valves and install them.

Took the rear inside panel off to check if the saggy rear end had been fixed and it has, the PO did a superb job of doing it, the PO used a piece of steel flat stock the length of the rear for reinforcement, I think I'll take that out and paint it just so I don't get any galvanic corrosion from dissimilar metals.

I found when I took the rear panel off that mice had chewed up the wires for the tail lights where they go through the ribs also found when I took the center ceiling panel out that mice had tunnels in the insulation from the rear all the way to the front. I had set some traps out for them and hadn't caught any. One day I left a half eaten sandwich in the trailer just to see if there were mice still in the trailer and the next morning it was gone, I thought I don't have mice I have rats. I set out more traps and some sticky paper and the next morning I had caught one mouse, haven't caught any in the three weeks sense then.

Took the A/C unit and antenna off the roof, the antenna was leaking and it needs to be rebuilt, the A/C unit came off because it was caving in the roof. I beefed up the roof and brought the A/C unit to heating contractor just to give it a once over I covered the holes with some sheet aluminum and used waterproof tape to seal it up, I'll reinstall them when the weather warms up.

I found an airforums member who was redoing there trailer and getting rid of some bunk beds, the kind the fold in half and down to make a backrest for the bottom bed. They are in Kentucky, I drove down there and picked the beds up and a dinette they tore out.

Last Saturday the whole family scrubbed the entire interior, took about 5 hours but it looks much better now.

Hopefully if I don't get asked for more favors I shoud be able to get a lot more work done on the trailer in short order.

Bracing I added for A/C, before and after:

Some of the parts I've cleaned up:

Mouse turds and tunnels:

More destruction:

Tail light wires chewed up by mice: